Sunday, December 26, 2010

Command-line tools on Mac OS X, Snow Leopard

allmemory, fs_usage, fuser, latency, sar, sc_usage, spindump: Display various system usage statistics.

bless, disklabel, disktool, diskutil, drutil, fsck, hdiutil, pdisk: Create, identify, manage, and fix Mac OS X disks, file systems, and disk images.

ioreg, kextstat: Show device drivers and other kernel extensions in use.

mDNS, dns-sd: Test Bonjour service discovery with these diagnostic tools.

open: Invoke launch services on an arbitrary document or application as if doubleclicking it in the Finder.

pbcopy, pbpaste: Move data between stdin/stdout and the Mac OS X pasteboard.

say: Convert text to audio output or a file via Speech Synthesizer.

shasum: Compute or validate SHA message digests.

sips: Manipulate the format and color space of bitmap images (for example, rotate,

sw_vers, uname: Display Mac OS X version information.

syslog and logger: Send, view, and manage system log messages with these modern

xattr: List, display, set, and delete file system extended attributes

You can find more information on in this documentation.

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