Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Daniel H. Pink - To Sell Is Human

Selling is a very human experience.

We’re all in sales now

Selling – not just objects, but ideas and techniques. We are persuading, negotiating, and pitching.

Who do the best in selling are, not extroverts, nor introverts, but those balanced people who share characteristics of both, the ambiverts.

The ABCs of Selling

New principles of sales: attunement, buoyancy, and clarity.

  1. Attunement is the ability to bring your actions and outlook into harmony with other people and the context you’re in.

  2. Buoyancy is the ability to stay afloat, mentally and emotionally, through an ocean of rejection.

  3. Clarity is the capacity to help others see their situations in fresh and more revealing ways and to identify problems they didn’t realize they had.

Successors to the Elevator Pitch

The old idea of an elevator pitch is outdated.

6 new ways to pitch: - One-word pitch - Question pitch - Rhyming pitch - Subject line pitch - "Twitter" pitch - "Pixar" pitch.

Every Pixar movie follows

Once upon a time there was . . . Every day, . . . One day, . . . Because of that, . . . Because of that, . . . Until finally, . . .

You can fill in the blanks from every Pixar movie you’ve seen. This 6-sentence format gives you the power of story within a concise, disciplined format.


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